Mrs Risk


For me, it’s all about connecting with your child to make learning enjoyable, relevant and help get over the barriers which can make them worry, struggle with pace or content or perhaps sometimes just “switch off” at school.  My nurture training has embedded the principle to

look behind the behaviour and find out what the child is trying to communicate.

Children naturally want to learn, its just about helping them find their easiest path.

Seeing a child’s potential to truly thrive and helping them get the best out of their learning journey is my passion, and something I came to over 22 years ago.

I didn’t realise how much I loved investing in the development of children until I had my first son.  I changed careers, retraining to become a Primary Teacher and have taught in a wide variety of settings, becoming skilled in educating children from age 3 to age 12.  Along came more children -  sons 2,3 and 4 – yes, all boys, and I juggled motherhood, work and a commitment to research and study in education. What this all means to you is that I use my skills, experience and intuition from both a teacher and a mother’s perspective to find out what you and your child’s needs are and come up with a plan to meet them.

Some of the comments’ parents have voiced

My child is not engaged at school

He just doesn’t get maths

I struggle to get her into school

I’m worried about how they are progressing having missed so much

How will they ever catch up

She doesn’t seem to listen

I can’t even read his handwriting – and he doesn’t seem to care.

I can help. 

With the options of 1-1 zoom lessons, small group work or intensive weekly programmes.

 Tutor sessions increase confidence and helps children become more flexible, creative and open-minded in their attitude to learning.

Confident Individuals become successful learners